Announcement: End of Life

Discord has made a few changes to their API over the years, and on Wednesday, August 31, 2022 they will introduce yet another change that will force bots to use slash commands unless they have been approved for the message content intent, AvaIre has been denied the message content intent meaning that it has to implement a slash command replacement for all of the commands.

The AvaIre project has become stagnant over the years as I've lost interest in maintaining and developing the bot, so with the upcoming requirement of using slash commands that would require a rewrite of large parts of the bot, I've decided to stop hosting the bot altogether.

So what now?

The bot will continue staying online for as long as possible, however once Discord starts enforcing the new message intent requirement and text based commands stops working the bot will be turned off for the last time.

What about self-hosting the bot?

Discord bots on less than 75 servers are not subject to the new Discord message intent requirements, so self-hosting Ava is a variable alternative if you want to continue using the same bot framework for your Discord server(s), I'd recommend trying to find an alternative instead as Ava is no longer getting developed, and haven't been in development for quite some time now, so self-hosting Ava will most likely become a maintenance nightmare as Discord continues making changes that removes features or breaks the bot in different ways.

If you want to self-host Ava you can find the
source code on github, as-well-as guides for how to go about setting up and hosting the bot on different platforms on the wiki pages.

Alternatives to Ava

A clone of Ava that is maintained by Stefano (@Codixer) with a focus on Roblox servers. The project is only for self-hosters, you can find the project here.

A look back through history

Ava has gone through a few changes over the years, lets's take a quick look back at where Ava started from.

  1. Initial commit

    The first code was written and pushed to GitHub.

  2. Music was added

    The first music commands was added to Ava, along with support for playlists coming just a few days later.

  3. The bot got to 20 unique commands

    The first music commands was added to Ava, along with support for playlists coming just a few days later.

  4. The bot reached 100 servers

    Ava was invited to 100+ servers for the first time.

  5. The bot reached 1,000 servers

    Ava was invited to 1,000+ servers for the first time.

  6. The bot got to 90 unique commands

    At this point the bot has welcome/goodbye messages, 25 administrative commands, and a lot of fun and utility commands.

  7. Rewrite of the bot started

    The Orion project was started with the idea that it would be a complete rewrite of the AvaIre bot.

  8. Orion replaces the Node version of the bot

    Orion was re-branded to AvaIre and took over the old Node version of the bot, the new rewrite had a total of 110 unique commands, with many improved features and easter eggs compared to the old version.

  9. The Node version of Ava was deprecated

    The GitHub repository for the Node version of Ava was updated to say that the project was deprecated and would no longer get any further updates.

  10. The bot reached 10,00 servers

    Ava was invited to 10,000+ servers for the first time.

  11. The bot peaked at 54,802 servers

    Ava peaked at the highest number of servers it ever got to, around this time music was disabled due to YouTube/SoundCloud issues, and development stopped for the project entirely.

Some special thanks

Over the past five years, many people have contributed to Ava in different ways, whether it be translating, creating new commands, fixing spelling mistakes, or helping other people in the support Discord, below you'll find a list of people who have over the years spent their time helping making Ava a better bot.

Staff Members

Contributors & Translators

Thank you!

At the end of it all, I'd like to thank the staff of Ava and all the contributors, some of which has been around since the very start of Ava to help and support the project and helped made it better in lots of different ways, and I'd like to thank all the server owners who have chosen to use Ava over the years.

Best regards,
Alexis Tan / @Senither
Creator and Developer of AvaIre.